Batch 40 is accepting orders!

東京著衣 Mayuki / Tokyo Fashion (Batch 40): Accepting Orders

International Shipping & Handling Fee

SGD2.50: Short-sleeve / Sleeveless top, Bikini Set
SGD3.00: ¾ -sleeve top, Long-sleeve top, Short-sleeve / Sleeveless Dress, Cardigan, Blouse with accessories/belt, Shorts, ¾ pants, Skirt, 2-piece lingerie set
SGD3.50: Pants, ¾-sleeve dress, Long-sleeve dress
SGD5.00: Denim or thick jacket, Jeans
SGD1.50: Accessories, Socks, Panties
SGD2.00: Belt, Bras, Scarf
SGD5.00: Bag
SGD6.00: Shoes


  • For Singapore orders: By ATM / Internet transfer – We will inform you the account number after confirmation of order.
  • For Overseas orders: By PayPal – Please add 3.9% of the total cost (product cost and shipping cost) plus SGD0.50. We will send a request of payment to you upon confirmation of order.

1st Payment = Your ordered amount in NT x 0.05 + International Shipping & Handling fee

2nd Payment if you opt for postage = $0.50 Packaging Material + Postage fee ( Registered mail add $2.25, Certificate of posting for normal postage add $0.20)

You will be advised on postage fee based on the weight of items ordered.

Delivery within Singapore

1) By Self-collection (By appointment)
Sengkang: 5 min walk from Sengkang MRT – Weekday evenings, Weekend flexible

2) By Postage (Please make 2nd payment before we mail the items)

Packaging Material = SGD0.50

You will be advised on postage fee based on the weight of items ordered.

Add SGD0.20 if you opt for Certificate of Posting (It is a document to prove that we have mailed the item, but it does not guarantee that the mail will not be lost.)

Add SGD2.25 for registered mail (Highly recommended!)

Delivery Overseas

For overseas order, we will notify you the overseas shipping cost based on

Format for Your Order

Email your order to [email protected]

Mobile: (For faster response)
Collection mode: Normal/Registered/Self Collection at Sengkang

Item #1
Product code:
Item name:
URL: (Ensure that it works)
Price (NT):
Alternative if OOS:
Total amount (SGD) = Your ordered amount in NT x 0.05 + International Shipping & Handling

Please email to [email protected] the ATM / internet banking transaction details after we have acknowledged your order via email:
Initial: Your name as in the order format above
Transferred Amount (SGD):
Transaction Reference:
Date and time of transaction:

Terms and Conditions

  1. No payment = No order.
  2. No cancellation, exchange or refund of item after order is made with the overseas merchant. Full refund will be made if Spree is unsuccessful or item is Out of Stock (OOS).
  3. Please be prepared to wait a few weeks for the items to arrive. Estimate about 2-8 weeks after Spree is closed due to re-stocking and pre-order items.
  4. Please allow 2-3cm discrepancies for the measurements stated due to different production batches/ways of measurement.
  5. Colour of the item may vary from the picture due to the resolution of your monitor.
  6. We shall not be liable for any loss / wrong / defect items sent by the overseas merchant.
  7. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage of items via local normal mail. Therefore, Registered Mail (additional $2.25) is highly recommended.
  8. Goods are not refundable or exchangeable.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel the spree in the event that response is poor, and full refund will then be made as soon as possible.
  10. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
Please join only if you are comfortable with the above Terms and Conditions. Thank you!

Note: BlogShopr does not sell any merchandise. Items are offered by our member shop (Spree-loving). Find out more by clicking "Where to buy" below. Happy online shopping!

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