What is CO2? Learn more about fractional laser uses and its side effects?


You may know the CO2 laser as the fractional laser or as the fractional peeling, and it is one of the developed types of carbon lasers. It is also one of the types of lasers available in cosmetic and laser clinics.

And you may need this laser, which treats many skin problems.

It is preferable that you know a lot of information about this type of laser before undergoing the CO2 laser session.

As this type is beneficial to you, it can cause harm to you, so in the following article he will explain everything you need to know about the fractional laser and how it works.

What is a laser CO2?

The fractional laser or what is known as the CO2 laser is one of the laser processes that depend on carbon dioxide.

It works to rejuvenate the skin by releasing a specific type of laser that has a wavelength that reaches the deepest layers of the skin to eliminate bacteria in the skin and many skin problems such as grains, spots, wrinkles and other problems, and it also works to tighten and smooth the skin.

There are other types, such as the non-peeling laser, such as the IPL flash laser that does not shock the skin, but it works to increase collagen in the skin, which increases the freshness of the skin, while the CO2 laser works to peel the skin and treat many defects in it.

What is co2 laser

How does a laser work? CO2 on the surface of the skin?

There are two types of lasers:

Peeling laser: Such as the CO2 laser, which makes laser pulses that shock the skin.

It removes a thin layer of the outer layers of the skin and leaves the underlying layer of that crust to grow.

And that layer contains fibers and collagen, and once the skin grows again, the appearance of that good layer appears smoother and cleaner, but also the skin is tight.

Non-peeling laser: Like IPL, these waves do not exfoliate the skin.

But it stimulates collagen in the skin, which gives harmony in the skin, and this type does not need time to recover, but it is less effective than carbon laser. One of the best home appliances DEESS device

DEESS device

What are the uses of laser? CO2?

This laser is used to treat many skin defects such as:

  • Small and many wrinkles.
  • Age spots.
  • Combination skin.
  • The effects of the sun and its burns.
  • acne.
  • Many different types of grains.
  • Wide pores.
  • Superficial and deep skin pigmentation.
  • Fatty appendages.
  • The fish’s eye.
  • Birthmarks and hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • All types of skin and fatty appendages.
  • Some types of psoriasis.

does it cause CO2 Laser any pain?

Usually an anesthetic is used for the skin when performing a CO2 laser session, so the CO2 laser may seem uncomfortable during its procedure, as it causes pain, and therefore clinics resort to using the following:

  • local anesthetic
  • The numbing cream is applied directly to the skin.
  • Sometimes an anesthetic injection may be used.
  • In some cases that require deeper penetration into the skin, other anesthetic methods can be used, such as: (regional nerve anaesthesia, intravenous sedation, laryngeal air mask).

How do you take care of your skin after a laser session? CO2?

  • You should completely avoid rubbing or rubbing the skin when showering or cleansing the skin (1).
  • Avoid taking a hot shower.
  • Skin care and skin treatment protocol should be done and treated as a second degree burn.
  • You should keep wounds moisturized to ensure faster recovery.
  • Some antibiotics and anti-allergic and anti-itch creams can be used, and painkillers can also be taken according to the doctor’s prescription for treatment (2).

How long does the skin recover from the laser? CO2?

  • At least, the treatment period ranges from one to two weeks, during which time the skin completely changes as the outer crust withers and is replaced by a new, flawless inner skin layer (3).
  • Infections can occur more quickly than expected. This may happen once a day, or it may increase to three or more times, so you should pay attention and apply an anti-inflammatory cream.
  • Itching and redness are common symptoms.
  • During the first week, bandages can be placed on the face until the skin recovers.
  • The skin can be washed naturally in the second week after the laser work, and some moisturizers can be applied.
  • The attending physician may establish a specific protocol to follow weeks before and after the session.
  • Avoid putting any kind of acid on the face, such as peeling acids or masks containing lemon or orange until the skin recovers completely.
  • Sunscreen should be applied before leaving the house.
  • You may need to follow up with the doctor every two or three days in the first week, and then every month for three months. You can make another visit after six months of the session and another visit after a year to follow up on the progress and get tips for the skin.

What are the side effects of laser? CO2?

  • Inflammation.
  • flushing;
  • itching;
  • Some grains appear.
  • Bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Allergy.
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • Decreased skin pigmentation.
  • Skin tags.
  • Lines in the face.
  • Infection with skin growths (keloids), or what is known as keloids.
  • eye injury.
  • Injury to tooth enamel.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Is there a safe alternative to laser? CO2 And the carbon laser?

This type of laser works on skin peeling to get rid of defects and is suitable for people who suffer from serious deformities and growths in the face. As for those who suffer from spots and pimples, it is not necessary to risk and pay the high cost of the CO2 laser or for post-session treatments as well. In addition to severe pain and a bad appearance that lasts for days, it is preferable to use alternative solutions such as:

Using a natural exfoliating cream:

It is one of the appropriate solutions that works to exfoliate dead skin and dry skin cells, and one of the best exfoliating creams is Medi-peel Melanon cream, which works to exfoliate the skin and get rid of pimples, skin pigmentation and dark spots. And inflamed places that suffer from redness.

This cream works to rid you of many skin defects, including pimples, which are the most common and annoying things.

use a laser IPL:

It is available in many home devices that stimulate collagen in the skin and tighten it and maintain the freshness of the skin, and one of the best of these devices is the DEESS device that stimulates collagen in the skin and tightens the face.


You can find out more about him on his official website here

What is DEESS freckle treatment

And the body, it works with IPL technology, which stimulates the skin and activates collagen in it, and also works to remove excess hair from the face and body, And the price is cheap compared to other competing devices In addition, it guarantees your privacy. The device is home, safe, and does not cause any side effects, and you can perform the session at any time you want.


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